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An Inevitble Marriage
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He needs a wife. She needs her dad's hospital bills taken care of.


Desperate to keep my mother’s legacy alive, I agree to marry a stranger to secure my inheritance.

At first, a no-strings-attached marriage of convenience seems perfect.

However, I didn’t expect Everlee Sutton to be so witty… or beautiful. 

From the moment we meet, her piercing eyes captivate me in ways I didn’t think possible.

One look, one curve of her luscious red mouth, and deep in my soul, I already know she's everything I never knew I wanted.

And what starts as a simple business transaction becomes more. Unexpected feelings emerge, causing the walls I’ve built around myself to crumble at her feet.

But I have secrets. 

Secrets that could cost me—us—everything.

Unfortunately, skeletons have a way of crawling out of the deepest, darkest hole.

It’s inevitable Everlee discovers the truth. 

Once she knows what I’d done, will my wife stand by me, or will she walk away and take my broken heart with her?

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