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It's all in the eyes!

Eeeeek! It's finally time to show you the cover for Slow Burn!! Isn't it just soooo purdddyy??

Slow Burn is a delicious enemies-to-lovers romance with some Beauty and the Beast elements thrown in. There’s banter, passion, sexy broodiness, and so many heartfelt moments! Adam and Maddie will be hitting your eReaders on February 25th, prepare to swoooooon. BLURB My new neighbor ticks all the right boxes. Tall – check. Muscular – check. Tatted – double check. Until he opens his mouth. Adam is grumpy, rude, and obnoxious as hell. He’s the kind of guy who deserves double fisted middle fingers. And I really should tell him exactly where he can shove his insults. Instead, I bite my tongue. He intrigues me and I can’t fight the need I have to find out what caused the pain so evident in his dark eyes. Soon the thick hungry flames surrounding Adam consume me. I should’ve known better. Because when you play with fire, you’re bound to get burned. Preorder Slow Burn --> Add Slow Brun to your TBR --> Blogger sign up for release promo and ARCs --> Vote for Slow Burn on the most anticipated romance list on Goodreads (I’ll love you forever) -->

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