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Well, you can just call me Santa Claus from now on!

Christmas has come early this year.

I don't have just one deal for you today. Uh uh, I have TWO!!

You can now grab the Instant Heat AND Slow Burn AUDIOS for only five bucks!

Nope, that's not a typo… You can have both audiobooks in your ears for less than a fancy latte.

So what exactly are you getting, I hear you ask.

🔥 Over 13 hours of audio goodness.

🔥 Delicious tension that will melt your ears.

🔥 An Irish accent to die for! (Seriously, you'll be swooning after the first sentence.)

🔥 Some Insta-Love (Instant Heat)

🔥 Enough slow burn deliciousness to leave you screaming with anticipation. (Slow Burn)

And so, so much more.

Grab them here →

Instant Heat →

Slow Burn →

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